Dear Bill,
Just in case you are in some cosmic place where you can pick up this
communication, please know how grateful I am to you. Having had the
privilege of working with you, my mind has been expanded and my heart
has been touched. You helped me examine, learn and understand so many
things, as we took on the challenge of investigating Freethought as we
moved into the 21“ Century.
Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, Religion & Theology, Church & State - your
brilliant mind was so packed with knowledge to stimulate and enlighten any
discussion. Your kind and generous nature made you an excellent teacher
and friend. VVhether it was philosophy, history, govemment, politics, ethics,
concepts, conspiracies or crap - we had such fun discussing and reviewing
articles for Truth Seeker! And no one knew the rules of grammar as well.
How often did we edit sections of articles for which you diligently corrected
the grammar only to hear me say “But Bill, what the heck was the author
saying? Please ‘splain it to me,” and we would dig in again to work for
I started as a researcher, but you helped make it possible for me to become
an editor because together we could help our writers share their ideas as part
of the Forum that Truth Seeker established. Such an accomplishment, to edit
“the world’s oldest Freethought publication,” I never would have considered
as one of the pathways of my life — after all, most of this stuff was
everything I managed to pretty much skate through, skip or had a doctor’s
excuse to some how miss it in high school. But in real life it was always fun
to learn with you and from you.
Wherever you are now — you are here with me, and all of your “Dear
Marti Kranzberg, Editor